ENRG is a battery brand that relatively recently conquered the market with a strong and competitive offer, gaining trust and recognition of satisfied customers. To meet the needs of our customers, ENRG batteries have been covered by an extended 3-year warranty!

High quality of products guaranteed by a reputable manufacturer and the use of modern technologies are the hallmarks of our batteries. In our wide range of batteries, you will find, above all, models made in the latest AGM and EFB technology, which work perfectly well in vehicles with the highest energy demand.

The most important advantages of ENRG batteries:

  • wide range with the latest AGM and EFB technologies,
  • totally maintenance-free,
  • the use of calcium – CA/CA technology,
  • high, reliable starting current,
  • manufactured in Europe,
  • in line with the latest EN standards,
  • supplied by a renowned manufacturer,
  • 3-year warranty.

The warranty covers all ENRG batteries for passenger cars, purchased in the Republic of Poland. More about the brand can be found at https://enrg.eu/.

When replacing the battery for a new one, remember about proper waste management at the garage. Batteries, despite the use of increasingly modern solutions in them, still work on the basis of heavy metals. Therefore, only specialised companies are allowed to dispose of them as hazardous waste. Sale and disposal of batteries is subject to special regulations, so it is worth using the services of professionals, such as Bio Service.